Upper Body & Core


Upper body and core strength are important to have because they control the ability to perform everyday activities such as reaching, pulling, pushing and lifting. Having a strong upper body and core improves flexibility, mobility and range of motion.

Chair Workout

Do you believe abdominals should be part of your workout?

There are people who believe that doing hundreds of them will help them to get rid of the belly fat and there are people who never do abdominals because they are โ€œmade in the kitchenโ€ or because you โ€œengaged your coreโ€ with many other exercises.

I respect both perceptions, but I donโ€™t fully agree with either of them.

Of course, proper nutrition is the biggest part of having a flat stomach, but there are other factors as well like strength training, proper cardio, recovery, balanced hormones, supplementation and genetics.

โœจTHE RIGHT NUTRITION IS NEVER STARVATION. The ideal nutrition is based on a balanced and consisten combination of macronutrients (Protein, good carbs, essential fats) that nourish our body, divided in 5/6 meals per day.

โœจSTRENGTH TRAINING TO MASTER OUR METABOLISM AND DEVELOP MUSCLE MASS. I can never say this enough. In this case, I have treated abdominal muscles like any other muscle of our body and train them as they deserve. I understand that we engaged the core during most other exercises, but if we engaged the triceps during chest exercises, does that means we donโ€™t have to work or isolate the triceps?

โœจPROPER CARDIO. Cardio is essential to increase fat burning, but only if we do it at the right time and we manage our heart rate to stay in the โ€œFat burning zoneโ€.

โœจRECOVER, SUPPLEMENTATION AND BALANCED HORMONES. Stress, lack of sleep, lack of micronutrients and unbalanced hormones are some of the biggest reasons we keep fat around the belly area. But there is hope and natural, healthy solutions.

Back/Shoulders/Biceps Workout

There is something special about feeling strong...

Feeling strong is a manifestation of health, energy and balance, itโ€™s a reward to our will, itโ€™s a bow to our nature...

Thatโ€™s why I donโ€™t train my people to be skinny, I train them to feel stronger; not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually...

Join us today for a great Upper Body routine and build some strength with us!..

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