Full Body Workouts

Full body workouts are a fantastic option for beginners because they switch on and wake up all muscle groups, create a base strength in all areas of the body and teach correct technique and movement patterns.

Pool Workout

When the access to gyms are limited, we may look for other options to keep our bodies strong and healthy, however, if we decide to exercise outside, working out can cause overheat, especially in the summer. Exercising in the water helps the body cool off faster and reduces the risk of overheating. It does as well, help increase blood circulation, which is a plus when exercising.

3 circuits of 15 repetitions is recommended.

Resistance Band Workout

Resistance bands provide external resistance that the muscles have to work against. Band resistance may looks and feels pretty strange, however it's actually the perfect way to improve flexibility, strength and stability.

Considering how effective resistance bands are for getting in shape, their portable nature makes them a great option for those who want to exercise at home. There are many other benefits to these simple exercise tools, including versatility, convenience, safety, and effectiveness.

3 circuits of 15 repetitions is recommended.

Body Weight Workout

Whether it's from the comfort of your own home or in a class format, working out with a friend with no equipment required is a great option to incorporate movement and fun to your daily activities. Most people can burn 250 to 350 calories in a 30minute session, and with weights or resistance bands the calorie burn increases.

3 circuits of 15 repetitions is recommended.

Bosu Workout

A bosu ball is a great addition to any workout. Not only increases the balance helping coordinate muscles and nerves for unstable conditions, but it also assists it a number of other types of training, such as stretching, rehabilitation, and strength training.

3 circuits of 15 repetitions is recommended.

Rowing Machine Workout

The Treadmill Workout

Assisted Dip Workout

Sometimes there is only one machine available and we need to be creative and efficient. I am sharing 3 different exercise routines for the full body that can be done only with one machine. I hope you enjoy it and please stay connected.

3 circuits of 15 repetitions is recommended.

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